Tazekuru Organic Air Dried Lemon 20g

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About Organic Air Dried Lemon

Additive Free Air Dried Lemon: Taste lemon with its unique structure, delicate inside, rough skin, both makes strong sour flavor. Amazing experience? just add to your glass of water (cold or hot) or in a cup of tea and see how it changes. It is a snack if you like eating sour, good for baking. You can add to your ice-cream. A distinctive ingredient for tea. If you think that it is impossible tea without lemon, this dried lemon is just for you, keep always some in your handbag. (winter fruit)


Organic Air Dried Lemon ingredients:

Zero Aflatoxin report, as well as no additives - sweeteners - preservatives. Green production plant. No fossil fuels. Working on products on their season. Great taste and smell in all of products as they are real fruit & vegetable. Nut free, vegan and gluten free. Allergen free. High in nutritional value.

Nutrition Facts Dried Lemon 100 g Calories (kcal) 315 Fat (g) 2,3 Sodium (g) 0,02 Total Carbohydrate (g) 67,5 -Dietary Fiber (g) 10,5 Protein (g) 6,1 Vitamin A (µg) 0 Iron (mg) 2,7 Vitamin C (mg) 479 Calcium (mg) 702

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