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Jamu Kitchen Turmeric Tamarind Tonic 200ml

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About Turmeric Tamarind Tonic

Tangy and aromatic, Turmeric Tamarind Tonic is a traditional wellness tonic from Indonesia known locally as Jamu. This vibrant gold liquid has hints of citrusy spice and is made up in small batches using whole turmeric root and tamarind to ensure for maximum freshness and taste.

This vibrant gold liquid is for whole body health and inner maintenance, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is naturally high in antioxidants. Whole root herbs and spices are freshly ground and brewed to fully activate their nourishing properties, producing a vibrant and refreshing gold liquid. Can be used to prevent cold and flu and for improved gut health. Drink upon rising or sip throughout the day.

This recipe elevates the bioavailability of each ingredient which packs more nutrient dense goodness into every sip.

Immunity Boosting - Purifying - Bloat Busting.


Turmeric Tamarind Tonic ingredients: Turmeric, Tamarind, Ginger and Galangal, Coconut Blossom Nectar, Cubeb Pepper, Pandan Leaf.

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