Eco for Life Still Mineral Water 500ml

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About Still Mineral Water

Eco for Life Still Mineral Water - finest South Downs mineral water in a bottle made 100% from plants.

  • Bottle made 100% from plants from an annually renewable source, not made from finite fossil fuels like PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles
  • The bottles are therefore chemical free, no chemicals in them to leach into the water
  • The bottles are made from PLA (polylactic acid) which is obtained from the dextrose in plants
  • Production of PLA produces up to 60% less greenhouse gas than production of PET - every 24 PET bottles made uses 1 litre of oil
  • Numerous end of life options for disposal including waste to energy, composting and incineration with production of energy

Eco for Life® natural mineral water is drawn from a borehole reaching some 400 feet (122 metres) beneath the South Downs close to the Hampshire/West Sussex border on England's south coast. Low in sodium (8.7ml/L) with a pH of 7.3, and high in calcium (91.0mg/L).


Still Mineral Water ingredients: Natural Mineral Water.

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