Meta Mate Organic Mate 23 500g

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Organic Mate 23 ingredients: 100% mate leaves.

About Organic Mate 23

Organic Certified Meta Mate 23. This organic certified, leafy, fresh Yerba Mate from Brazil has a mild taste which makes it ideal for Mate novices or those wishing to enjoy a refreshing energising drink. It is ideal for Terere preparations (consumed cold and combined at times with juices) as well as hot Mates and can be consumed as a tea or in the traditional way.

This leafy industrially dried Yerba Mate has a mild slightly bitter taste. It's leafy cut lends to easy preparation with a cuia and bomba for novices and as it combines well with other intense artisanal mates. Due to its freshness and the quality of Mate trees, this mate has a higher antioxidant and theobromine content than standard Mates.

This Mate is produced by Barao Ltda. In Brazil and is sourced from selected forests, it is certified organic by EcoCert.

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