Native Unearthed Crystal Deodorant Stick With Mangosteen 100g

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Crystal Deodorant Stick With Mangosteen ingredients: Mangostana Peel, Potassium Alum.

About Crystal Deodorant Stick With Mangosteen

Explore Native Unearthed Crystal Deodorant infused with Mangosteen, a unique fruit bursting with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamin C.

Coupled with the soothing and healing qualities of Mangosteen, this deodorant is the perfect choice. What's more, Native Unearthed's deodorants are sure to keep you fresh and odour free all day long.

What is Mangosteen?
The Mangosteen fruit contains a potent concentration of Xanthones, one of the most powerful anti-oxidants ever discovered. Mangosteen is also known for its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for centuries in the Far East.

How do Native Unearthed's Crystal Deodorants prevent odour? By leaving an invisible layer of natural minerals on your underarms which works around the clock to prevent the build up of odour causing bacteria.

Better still, whilst preventing odour, Native Unearthed's natural deodorants don't clog pores like the normal deodorants. Instead, these deodorants still allow your body to continue its normal course of eliminating toxins from the body whilst providing round the clock protection. Choose Native, Choose confidence.

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