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The Raw Chocolate Company Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries 150g

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About Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries

While golden berries grow wild in many parts of the world, these Raw Chocolate Company golden berries are unique to a particular area of Peru and were initially only found in a very small patch of forest. Working direct with the growers, a cooperative of 450 farmers was formed and they now all grow this special cultivar for The Raw Chocolate Company. It is still slightly juicy, instantly sour and then refreshingly sweet, the combination is like sending your tongue on a roller coaster and similar to the effect of sherbet.

After flowering, golden berries ripen on the plant over three to four months. The farmers are careful not to harvest the berries until the fruit is at optimum ripeness. To help gather fruits of uniform ripeness, some farmers choose to shake the golden berry shrub to harvest the fruit.

These golden berries are carefully graded for drying; the temperature during the drying process is closely monitored to ensure it remains below 42°C. This ensures that in the dried form the berries retain as much of their original flavour and nutritional value as possible compared to the fresh berry.


Organic Incan/Cape/Golden Berries ingredients:

Dried golden berries.

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