Inspiral Visionary Foods Organic Women's Mix Powder , 100g

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About Organic Women's Mix Powder ,

An uplifting, replenishing mix of 14 plant powders used across the globe to support women's specific needs (but also suitable for men!) With the natural sweetness of beetroot, yacon, goji & maca, this mix enhances any juice or smoothie ritual!

Serving Suggestion: 1-3 tsp of women's mix, when desired, well-blended into 300ml of fruit juice, shake or smoothie. NB: this particular mix is suitable for everyday use.


Organic Women's Mix Powder , ingredients: beetroot* , yacon*, gojiberry*, maca*, ashwaganda* , wheatgrass*, chlorella*,chaga mushroom*, hatavari*, rhodiola* , mucuna*, reishi , 0:1 extract*, kelp*, chuchuhuasi, nothing else. *organic

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