Inspiral Visionary Foods Organic Women's Mix Powder 100g

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Organic Women's Mix Powder ingredients: beetroot* , yacon*, gojiberry*, maca*, ashwaganda* , wheatgrass*, chlorella*,chaga mushroom*, hatavari*, rhodiola* , mucuna*, reishi , 0:1 extract*, kelp*, chuchuhuasi, nothing else. *organic

About Organic Women's Mix Powder

An uplifting, replenishing mix of 14 plant powders used across the globe to support women's specific needs (but also suitable for men!) With the natural sweetness of beetroot, yacon, goji & maca, this mix enhances any juice or smoothie ritual!

Serving Suggestion: 1-3 tsp of women's mix, when desired, well-blended into 300ml of fruit juice, shake or smoothie. NB: this particular mix is suitable for everyday use.

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