Pip & Nut Peanut Butter 250g

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About Peanut Butter

Pip & Nut Peanut Butter Jar - with absolutely no palm oil. Spoil your store cupboard with a jar of Pip & Nut's ridiculously tasty nut butter! Great eaten for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Pip & Nut make their peanut butter with a blend of whole nuts, gently roasted to bring out their naturally sweet peanutty flavour. They add a sprinkling of sea salt and that's it.

Handy for sandwiches, but super for so much more:

  • Spread on toast
  • Slather on bananas and apples
  • Swirl into porridge
  • Blend into a smoothie.
  • Pip's Top Tip: Stir before use as the oil can naturally separate.


    Peanut Butter ingredients: Roasted peanuts (98%), Sea Salt.

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