Rude Health Organic Mini Rice Thins Gluten Free, 30g

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Organic Mini Rice Thins Gluten Free, ingredients: Rice (99.5%), Sea Salt

About Organic Mini Rice Thins Gluten Free,

Mini Rice Thins from Rude Health. Organic rice with a pinch of salt. Nothing else. Popped rice (not fried), these thins are made without oil. They're Gluten-free, Organic and delicious with sweet or savoury toppings.

Why are these so much tastier than rice cakes? Maybe it's because they're thinner, so they're crispier and more satisfying. Maybe it's the whole grains of organic Piedmontese rice we use - they're the best we've ever had. Whatever it is, Rude Health Rice Thins are the perfect crunchy nibble with a little something on them.

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