Toca Organic Raw Galician Mountains Chestnut Pollen 220g

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About Organic Raw Galician Mountains Chestnut Pollen

Toca´s honey bees living in the eastern Galician mountains collect this monofloral pollen variety from the surrounding chestnut trees due of its high content in anti-oxidants, fibres and lactic ferments. Also this pollen is rich in proteins, essential oils, contains all the essential amino acids and almost all the vitamins spectrum specially B-vitamins, plus some enzymes only found at honey bees.


Organic Raw Galician Mountains Chestnut Pollen ingredients: Raw Organic bee pollen made from Chestnuts in the Galician Mountains (Chestnut & Bramble) (100%)

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Delicious! I eat it by the spoon or dip a banana in it, love it.