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Natural by Nature Niaouli Essential Oil 10ml

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About Niaouli Essential Oil

Natural by Nature Naiouli Essential Oil, made from the leaves. A clearing oil, which is used for inhalation. This oil is from the same family as the Cajeput and Tea Tree oil. It has a strong camphorous aroma.

USES: Blend each recipe to 25ml of base oil.

  • RESPIRATORY SYSTEM - Good for all types of pulmonary tract infections such as colds, flu, coughs,sinusitis, laryngtis and bronchitis. Respiratory Blend: Niaouli 7 drops/Pine 3 drops/Hyssop 2 drops.
  • SKIN - Suitable for cleaning minor wounds, cuts, grazes and burns. Also good for treating acne and boils. Skin Blend: Niaouli 3 drops/Bergamot 2 drops/Lavender 2 drops.
  • EMOTION - Good for treating mental fatigue and confusion. Emotion Blend: Niaouli 7 drops/Petitgrain 3 drops/Rosemary 2 drops.
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