Chain Bridge Honey Farm Tweedside Flower & Heather Honey 454g

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About Tweedside Flower & Heather Honey

Chain Bridge Honey Farm blends the deliciously sweet wildflower Tweedside Honey with the more aromatic flavours of the Heather Honey. The honey is taken from hives which have been moved from the lowland in early season to the heather hills in late July.


Tweedside Flower & Heather Honey ingredients: Flower and heather honey

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I started taking this honey in the mornings with hot water and lemon, to try and combat the effects of awful hayfever this summer.

It's absolutely delicious and feels like a real treat :)

The jury is still out as to whether or not it helps with hayfever but it's such good quality it feels like it must be doing me some good!
Makes for a delicious snack (served on warm crusty bread with bacon and black pepper)on the right side of sweet & savoury.

I have also found that it has been helping my hayfever ever so slightly - after reading that a teaspoon of natural, local honey can help build your immune system I thought I would give it a go! I started off a little snuffly and sneezy, thankfully this has calmed down.