Meridian Smooth Almond Nut Butter no added salt 1kg

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Smooth Almond Nut Butter no added salt ingredients: Roasted almonds 100%.

About Smooth Almond Nut Butter no added salt

Smooth Almond butter is an excellent alternative to peanut butter. This almond butter is extra-healthy with no added sugar, oil or salt. Made from roasted almonds it tastes great on toast or crackers, and can be also used in desserts.. It is smooth and spreadable, with fine almondy bits!

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This is a staple in our house  - it's eaten in large amounts on toast! There's no added salt so it can also be used for satays, flavouring sauces and ants on a log (pop it on celery, sprinkle raisins on it, watch kids scoff it)

By Julie Laird on 12/06/2015

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