Alice & Oscar's Organic Pearl Quinoa Quinola Gluten Free, FairTrade, 500g

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Organic Pearl Quinoa Quinola Gluten Free, FairTrade, ingredients:

100% Fairtrade quinoa

About Organic Pearl Quinoa Quinola Gluten Free, FairTrade,

Alice and Oscar's Organic, Fairtrade Pearl Quinola. This is Peru's finest quinoa. Gluten and cholesterol free it is a complete vegetable protein. Quinola contains the good type of carbohydrates, so their slow release makes you feel satiated for longer. And all that fibre and lack of gluten will do wonders for your innards!
No chemical nasties or fossil fuel fertilisers are used in Quinola's production. But we go further than that as we believe that sustainability is as important as organic certification. That is why all the farmers practice mixed agriculture and crop rotation, and allow the fragile land to regenerate via fallow periods. No monocultures here.
We work with ethics in our DNA. Not only do we work directly with the producers under the Fairtrade scheme, but we try and help them out in other ways too. And we get our products packed by mentally handicapped people in France, as helping the disadvantaged to a better life through work is something that applies to all countries in our opinion.

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