Inspiral Visionary Foods Organic Raw Banana Supergreen Bites Gluten Free, Vegan, 60g

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About Organic Raw Banana Supergreen Bites Gluten Free, Vegan,

Sweet bananas, green superfoods, omega-rich seeds, all slow-dried for optimum nutrition and sustained energy.

The ultimate organic fitness food, complete with seven vegan protein sources. The perfect, guilt-free 'on-the-go snack', straight out of the compostable bag!

We use high omega EFA seeds such as flax and chia, along with slow-release carbohydrates like millet and quinoa for that satisfying crunch and essential fuel. Each flavour bite has its own unique superfood content and the whole mix is dehydrated at low temperatures (110 ° F) for a truly optimum gourmet experience.


Organic Raw Banana Supergreen Bites Gluten Free, Vegan, ingredients:

buckwheat*, bananas*, dates*, sultanas*, almonds*, sunflower seeds*, chia seeds*, flax seeds*, wheatgrass powder*, vanilla*, millet*, quinoa*, spirulina*, barley grass*


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Marie Fitzroy I love these. The only problem I have is stopping eating them - I keep wanting another one. Delicious.