Thornton & Ross Glucose Powder Supplement Vegan 500g

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About Glucose Powder Supplement Vegan

Thornton & Ross Glucose Powder gives you an instant hit of energy when you need it most. Can be taken before, during or after a strenuous sporting event, and can also be used after a period of sickness or to help with hypoglycaemia. Thornton & Ross Glucose Powder is pure energy in a sachet!

Thornton & Ross Glucose Powder is valuable at times of stress, convalescence, loss of appetite, listlessness in children and travel sickness. A useful source of energy before or after physical exertion.


Glucose Powder Supplement Vegan ingredients: Dextrose monohydrate. Dextrose/Glucose powder is exempt from Gluten labelling under Codex Alimentarius, but will contain a maximum of 20ppm gluten; we cannot guarantee it is absolutely gluten-free. It is non animal derived therefore suitable for vegetarians, has no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. No nuts, no alcohol, no eggs, no dairy, no soya, fish or sesame seeds.

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