Breadshare Organic Hand Cut Spirulina Seaweed Oatcakes 150g

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About Organic Hand Cut Spirulina Seaweed Oatcakes

Spirulina is one of our most popular superfoods here at Real Foods, but we've never seen it in an oatcake before. These wonderful oatcakes from Breadshare make excellent use of it, imparting a strong, slightly grassy taste that we're sure will intrigue and delight in equal measure.

Please note that due to its nature, any products containing seaweed run a small risk of containing trace amounts of shellfish>


Organic Hand Cut Spirulina Seaweed Oatcakes ingredients:

Organic ingredients: oatmeal, water*, rapeseed oil, Seaveg seaweed* (3%)
* denotes non-organic ingredient

May contain traces of gluten, shellfish

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