Attitude Eucalyptus & Lavender Air Purifier 227g

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About Eucalyptus & Lavender Air Purifier

Synthetic fragrances and perfumes contain more than a hundred chemical compounds, many of which may be harmful to health. The ATTITUDE solution? Purifying the air in your home with active coal while creating the desired ambiance thanks to natural essential oils. We trust our Natural Air Purifiers are a better option than spraying chemical compounds

CO2 neutral: no contribution to climate change, vegetable-based / Natural / Biodegradable, purifies the air by absorbing pollutants and eliminating odours. Free of artificial fragrances, phthalate or other petrochemical derivatives, contains pure essential oils. Non-carcinogenic (selected ingredients not listed on the IARC Categories 1, 2A or 2B), Not tested on animals, Vegan product.


Eucalyptus & Lavender Air Purifier ingredients: Water, Activated Carbone, Sodium Stearate, Pure Essential Oils.

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