Skinny Noodles Low Calorie Spaghetti fat free, Gluten Free, sugar free 200g

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Low Calorie Spaghetti fat free, Gluten Free, sugar free ingredients: Pure konjac flour, water, calcium hydroxide

About Low Calorie Spaghetti fat free, Gluten Free, sugar free

Trying to tighten both your belt and purse strings this year? Skinny Noodles provide the perfect low calorie, affordable solution to help you reach your dieting goals. Made from pure konjac flour, this remarkable spaghetti is the perfect fat free, low calorie, low carb alternative to traditional pasta.

Whether actively dieting or simply looking for a low calorie way to bulk up your meals and still leave you feeling full, at only 6.4 calories per serving you can't go wrong with Skinny Noodles!

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Healthier spaghetti's like wholemeal or gluten free taste different than the regular ones. These have a classic spaghetti shape and are pretty tasteless, so they won't steal the show from your homemade spaghetti sauce. Plus, they don't contain any carbs and hardly any calories (wholemeal and gluten free still contain a lot of carbohydrates and calories) and they are all fibre (white gluten free pasta has very little fibre), so they can be a better alternative to regular spaghetti if you are watching your carbs intake.

By Scott Murray on 20/05/2013

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