Real Vitality Superfoods Organic Wheatgrass New Zealand

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Organic Wheatgrass New Zealand ingredients: New Zealand Wheatgrass

About Organic Wheatgrass New Zealand

Real Vitality Superfoods Organic Wheatgrass is sourced from New Zealand.

Wheatgrass is a complete food in itself, containing all the essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals needed to support human life. This organic wheatgrass powder is a handy way to enjoy all the benefits that eating wheatgrass has to offer.

The high chlorophyll content allows increased red blood cell production and high blood oxygenation. Other health benefits include helping to detoxify the liver and blood improving blood sugar disorders, reducing blood pressure, facilitating better digestion, improving skin conditions and it is helpful in enhancing overall immunity, especially beneficial during the winter months.

As a powder, wheatgrass can be mixed into water, juices, and smoothies or mixed into raw recipes. However, be careful which juices you mix it with, as wheatgrass is an alkaline substance you will need to avoid acidic juices such as orange and tomato. To start with, the recommended dosage is 2 teaspoons, gradually increasing to a tablespoon a day.

Organic Wheatgrass New Zealand country of origin: New Zealand

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Wheatgrass juice is recognised as a powerhouse of nutrition, it contains 70% chlorophyl, and it is said that just a 30 ml shot is the equivalent of eating 1 kilo of fresh fruits and vegetables. Powdered wheatgrass juice is a great alternative to freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice, easy and convenient.

By Lily Coleman on 17/09/2013

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