Skinny Noodles Angel Hair Noodles Konjac Gluten Free, sugar free 200g

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About Angel Hair Noodles Konjac Gluten Free, sugar free

The remarkable Shirataki noodle is named after its unique appearance, Shirataki being Japanese for 'white waterfall'. A traditional Japanese noodle made from the root of the konjac plant, Skinny Noodles are high in glucomannan, proven to control blood sugar, assist in weight loss and improve cholesterol control.

With only 6.4 calories per 100g and no fat, sugar, gluten, wheat or dairy, this amazing noodle is the perfect alternative to pasta. Whether actively dieting or simply looking for a low calorie way to bulk up your meals, look no further than Skinny Noodles.


Angel Hair Noodles Konjac Gluten Free, sugar free ingredients: Pure konjac flour, water, calcium hydroxide

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Sophie Scott This is the solution to feel like you are eating pasta, but without any of the wheat, gluten, lack of fibre and blood sugar spike associated with carbs. Instead, what you get is pure soluble fibre that actually helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and virtually zero calories.
Isobel Kirk I tried adding  these noodles to my stir fry and it tasted great, plus I did npt get hungry again at 11pm.
Oliver Saunders Angel hair is an awful name for a fantastic pasta substitute. Do not let the packaging put you off - try these. They are great.