Scheckter's Organic Energy Lite Drink 250ml

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About Organic Energy Lite Drink

Scheckter's Organic Energy Lite. A delicious unison of pomegranate, elderberry & lemon juice in sparkling spring water. A splash of agave nectar. 80mg of organic energy from a unique blend of organic guarana, green tea, ginseng and raw coffee bean extract. The organic way to refresh and re-energise yourself with 30% less calories per 100ml than Scheckter's Original.

Best served chilled.

Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Organic Energy Lite Drink ingredients:

Sparkling filtered water, organic lemon juice,* organic agave syrup, organic pomegranate juice,* organic elderberry juice,* organic guarana extract, natural flavouring, flavouring: caffeine, organic green tea extract, organic ginseng extract.
*9% organic fruit juice from concentrate.

Nutrition per 100ml: Energy 128 kJ / 30 kcal, Carbohydrates 7g (of which is sugar 6g), Protein 0g, Salt 0g, Caffeine 32mg.

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Scheckter's (250ml)
Was: £1.75
Now: £1.40

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