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Magnolia & Lilies Laundry Liquid ECOS ingredients: Plant based surfactant, soap bark, chamomile, horsetail plant, lavender, rosemary, coconut- based fabric softener, essential oils of magnolias and lilies, purified water.

About Magnolia & Lilies Laundry Liquid ECOS

ECOS Laundry Liquid is Earth Friendly Products' popular, very concentrated laundry detergent made entirely from natural plant extracts. It is now the no. 1 best selling green laundry liquid world wide.

ECOS includes a built-in coconut-based fabric softener, saving you even more money. It cleans very effectively; leaving clothes soft and is delicately fragranced with essential oils and herbs.

Its gentle action protects clothes and is kind to sensitive skin.

All natural laundry liquid with soy based fabric softener, Does 100 loads, Neutral pH

For normal loads use 29ml (marked on the cap). The popular 2.96L bottle packs in 100 washes, nearly 3 times more than some other brands. This saves plastic, storage and transport and we pass on these savings to give a very competitive price per wash.

Fragranced with wonderful spring freshness aromas of essential oils of magnolia and lilies.

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