St Dalfour Organic Chocolate Dessert Sauce Gluten Free, 300g

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About Organic Chocolate Dessert Sauce Gluten Free,

St. Dalfour has created Organic sauces which are better for you. They are particularly delicious on top of fresh fruit. Children will love them with fruit!

St. Dalfour Sauces are guaranteed to be organic by the French Organic Association Ecocert SA as well as Australian Certified Organic. No pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics or other harmful substances are used to make St. Dalfour Sauces. They are wholesome and nutritious. Also "organic" helps the planet because organic farming methods respect the earth and environment.

St. Dalfour Sauces are made without the addition of fat. They have a delicious taste because they are made with premium rice and agave syrups which have a wonderful texture. The small quantity of fat (less than 2%) comes from the cacao.

Since the sauces are very low in fat, they are low in cholesterol.


Organic Chocolate Dessert Sauce Gluten Free, ingredients: Organic agave syrup (65%), Organic rice syrup (24.42%), Organic cocoa powder (7.15%), Organic milk powders (1.98%)

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Sally Ann Orrin It has an excellent flavour and for the contents is good for some people, I would love a chocolate sauce that was lower in carbohydrates and had some coconut oil in it. However it is certainly a nice tasting sauce.