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About Cat Food Vegan

A complete vegan cat food enriched with vitamins and minerals, omega 3 and 6 oils and of course the essential ingredient for cat health - Taurine.

Ami Cat is produced in Italy, where it has been used by vets as a hypoallergenic food for cats with food intolerances. Here is has proved very successful with customers since we started selling it in 2004 - cats love the taste of it!.

A number of our customers have raised their cats on Ami since the start, and we often hear great feedback on how they have done at Vet visits. Others have introduced the food to older cats, who can often be set in their ways, but have found they will accept it too.

Ami Vegan Cat Food is not tested on animals, and free from all animal based ingredients.


Cat Food Vegan ingredients: Corn Gluten, Corn, Corn oil, Rice protein, Peas, Pea fibre, Brewer's yeast, Linseed, Potato protein extract, Vitamins and minerals, Linoleic acid (6.40%), Taurine (0.15%), L-Carnitine, Vitamin E.

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Cernunnas Both me and my cat love this food. Even though I'm a almost a vegan myself, it felt a bit wrong to buy vegan cat food for my cat. But I did some reasearch and actually, vegan food is even healthier than normal animal food. All the animal nutrients that they need like taurine are killed in the process of making the food itself, so it is good because this one is enriched afterwards. Still, I feed my cat with special omega-3 and vitamins treats to be on the safe side, and he is doing just fine. THANK YOU Realfoods for having this for sale, it is so difficult to find.