Detox Your World Organic Raw Cacao Liquor 100g

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About Organic Raw Cacao Liquor

Raw cacao liquor isn't alcoholic, as its name may imply! It's just the ground up raw beans that would normally be separated into raw chocolate powder and raw cacao butter. Easy raw chocolate alchemy is at your choccie tasting fingertips.

If you were to construct a chocolate palace, this would be the material to use. check out these great blocks of pressed ground cacao beans, still raw, yet smooth when melted.

This is 100% pure chocolate, there is nothing more pure in the world of chocolate.


Organic Raw Cacao Liquor ingredients: Criollo Cacao Nibs.

Nutritional information Components Per 100g Energy 2394KJ/572kcal Protein 14.6g Carbohydrates 24.3g Fat 53.1g.

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