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Oliva Olive Oil Soap 600g

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Customer Rating: 4.5
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About Olive Oil Soap

Pure Olive Oil soap. Made from pure unrefined olive oil, Oliva is kind and gentle to the skin. Oliva is not tested on animals, it contains no artificial colours or perfumes, is completely vegetarian and 100% biodegradable.


Olive Oil Soap ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Water, Mineral Salts.

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Customer reviews

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p hilz wrote:
Rubbish. After about 50% usage the bar becomes an unusable gloop which you have to throw away

Did you keep the soap in a bucket full of water, or what?
This soap keeps its shape, unless you keep it in water, as p hilz did :O
(A tip; split the bar with a small saw.)
Excellent when used in this way. Let it dry out after each use to stop it going gloopy. To cut heat gently in microwave( Defost setting) and cut while soft. To make a liquid soap gently heat in a pan till melted and for every 100g add 3 mugs of water. When cool add lavender oil to perfume, bottle into old soap dis
pensers. I wash my hair (no lather though) and rinse it well or it will appear greasy if you don't! It is in super condition now and chemical free.Good luck,
this is quite simply THE best soap to use as an all over body cleanser, if you care about using non-papraben, alchohol based shit!

and it only goes gloopy if you leave it wet...in a soap dish, it goes on & on & on!

you cannot fail to find this soap awesome!
Tilly White I buy oliva soap for cleaning my paintbrushes mainly - OK and myself! It's just pure olive oil in the soap so it's good for sensitive skins (like mine). My flatmate uses it for cleaning out her juicer!
p hilz Rubbish. After about 50% usage the bar becomes an unusable gloop which you have to throw away (before this its excellent).
Terrible soap. Impossible to cut or use in the normal manner for soap. If you heat it up it just turns to gloop and does not mix so you cannot even recycle the unusable remnants.

Wouldnt touch it again with a bargepole.

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