Raw Health Organic Nacho Style Dippers Gluten Free, 70g

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About Organic Nacho Style Dippers Gluten Free,

Nacho style 'raw-tilla' dippers. Crunchy savoury dippers made with almonds, a cheese-style topping and a hint of lemon. The perfect on-the-go raw snack. Made from raw ingredients which have not been heated above 42 degrees. Preparing foods at low temperatures ensures healthy enzymes and nutrients stay alive and well.


Organic Nacho Style Dippers Gluten Free, ingredients: ds*, linseed gold*, yeast extract* (not raw), pink Himalayan salt, sunflower oil*, lemon juice*, paprika powder* *certified organic ingredients

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Amanda Rofe Nacho Style Dippers should be made illegal because they taste soooo goood you just can't stop eating them. There's no way you can open a pack of these little beauties without eating the whole lot. Never mind dipping them into anything, I just eat them as they are.