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Safinter Paprika Sweet 70g

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About Paprika Sweet

The cultivation of red pepper for Pimenton was first introduced in the La Vera region of Spain in the XVI Century by monks.

Pimenton de La Vera's exquisite is flavour is due to the unique process by which is it made. The secret of its excellence lies in the laborious and delicate process by which it is dried. A hearth filled with Holm oak wood is kept burning until the fruits become perfectly dehydrated. It is a slow process that takes between ten and fifteen days to complete. Experts turn each pepper by hand until dry perfection is achieved.

This traditional system of drying gives the paprika its three fundamental characteristics: Balanced aroma, flavour and stability of colour. Safinter smoked paprika is available in three flavours: sweet, bittersweet and hot. It can magically transforms any dish it touches! Try it on pasta, meat, rice or as an addition to sauces, vinaigrettes, and stews.

Safinter S.A. maintains an agreement with a Farmers' Association in La Vera country which performs the selection at origin of the best quality peppers, according to their organoleptic and physical-chemical characteristics.


Paprika Sweet ingredients: Sweet paprika powder.

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