Method Granite and Marble Cleaner Spray 354ml

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Granite and Marble Cleaner Spray ingredients: water (aqua), corn and coconut derived and biodegradable surfactant blend, biodegradable solvent, fragrance oil blend, preservative (less thans 0.1%), purified water

About Granite and Marble Cleaner Spray

The ancient Greeks were big fans of marble and granite. They would've loved to have a spray to clean up spills from those giant wine chalices or occasional conquest. Pretty dirty stuff. You're lucky you're not an ancient Greek - you get to enjoy the benefits of this biodegradable spray that is gentle and streak-free.

while alkyl polyglucoside may not have the prettiest name, it is a non-toxic, biodegradable and super effective cleaner made from corn and coconut oil. it's what gives this product its marble- and granite-polishing magic while being safe for people and the planet. like the other home cleaning sprays, it has a 100% recycled plastic bottle and a DfE-recognised formula

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