Inspiral Visionary Foods Organic Raw Wasabi & Wheatgrass Kale Chips Vegan, wheat free, 30g

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About Organic Raw Wasabi & Wheatgrass Kale Chips Vegan, wheat free,

This nutritious raw snack is made from dehydrated organic kale, and seasoned with wasabi and wheatgrass. These Kale Chips are incredibly more-ish, and are perfect lunch box fillers or snacks for anytime. Only fresh, local Kale is used in these chips.

Kale is rich in antioxidants, calcium and vitamin A. When dried, this classic green leafy vegetable has a crispy texture and a delicious taste! All the chips are lovingly hand massaged and slow dehydrated at low temperatures for many hours to preserve vital nutrients. No additives or preservatives are used to ensure a product with optimum nutritional value. These chips are seasoned with wheatgrass which is packed full of chlorophyll and contains most minerals the body needs to perform at its best.

These chips are also sprinkled with Himalayan crystal salt which is perhaps the healthiest salt on Earth. Compressed for millions of years under the pressure of the Himalayan mountains, it contains 84 trace minerals. InSpiral guarantees that all their foods are free from artificial additives, preservatives, MSG and GM ingredients. They use organic ingredients and ethically sourced ingredients where possible.


Organic Raw Wasabi & Wheatgrass Kale Chips Vegan, wheat free, ingredients: Local Kale, Cashew Nuts, Wasabi, Wheatgrass, Apple Cider Vinegar, Liquid Aminos, Himalayan Crystal Salt, Cayenne Pepper.

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