Shinzo Powdered Genmaicha Tea 50g

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Powdered Genmaicha Tea ingredients: 50% Green Tea, 50% Rice

About Powdered Genmaicha Tea

This particular Genmaicha is a blend of our current Premium Powdered Sencha and a finely ground Genmai (roasted brown rice), which provides you with an instant way to enjoy the slightly roasted, nutty flavour of this traditional Japanese green tea. The tea and grinding of the Genmai are all prepared by our hand picked producer in Southern Japan specifically for Shinzo, and as far as we're aware, this is the first Powdered Genmaicha to be introduced to the UK market.

As with our Powdered Sencha, this Powdered Genmaicha can be treated much like an instant tea. Using the plastic spoon provided, add a single spoonful of tea (¼ of a conventional teaspoon) to a mug and top it up with hot water (ideally boiled and then slightly cooled to 80 ° C). The tea can also be quite happily brewed using cold water instead of hot, and is brilliant as a food flavouring in its own right: mixing the Genmaicha with vanilla ice cream is always a winner in our eyes.

When using conventional green tea, much of the goodness in the tea leaf is retained in the leaf even after brewing. This means that when you brew conventional green tea, and then discard the used leaves or teabag, you are effectively wasting a lot of the goodness inherent in the tea. Consuming the whole leaf via a powdered tea also means that the tea does not need to be brewed with hot water to extract its nutrients: hence a large number of those in the know are now treating our powdered teas like supplements by adding them to fruit juices and drinks instead of taking conventional green tea extracts.

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