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Clearspring Organic Ginger Miso Brown Rice Ramen Noodles 170g

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About Organic Ginger Miso Brown Rice Ramen Noodles

Cook fast and eat well with Clearspring's new Brown Rice Ramen Noodles. These delicious ginger miso noodles are ready in just 4 minutes and use semi-whole rice and flour noodles which are steamed rather than fried for more taste and less fat. The soup is in a paste form rather than dried to retain both flavour and freshness.


Organic Ginger Miso Brown Rice Ramen Noodles ingredients: Noodles* (71%): Semi wholewheat flour*, brown rice flour* (30%), sea salt. Soup stock (29%): Brown rice miso* (30%), (whole soya beans*, cultured brown rice*, sea salt, water), mirin* (sweet rice*, water, cultured rice*) sesame paste*, soya sauce* (water, whole soya beans*, whole wheat*, sea salt, onion purée*, ginger purée* (3%), toasted sesame oil*, garlic purée*, kombu, sea salt), water, cayenne pepper*, black pepper*, white pepper*. * Organically grown

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