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Raw Mucuna Powder Vegan ingredients: Mucuna Powder.

About Raw Mucuna Powder Vegan

Mucuna, or Kapikachu, is a shrub traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. Mucuna is known for its anti-depressant and aphrodisiacal properties. It particularly excels as a mood booster. It is an excellent source of naturally occurring 5Htp, DMT, and boosts dopamine in the brain. In India, it is one of the most popular herbal medicines. It is renowned for its use in treatments for Parkinson's Disease.

Raw Living Mucuna Powder is made from the crushed seeds of the Mucuna plant and the L-Dopamine is 3.1-6.1% of total weight.

Due to its potency, it is important to use mucuna sparingly. If you intend to take more than a teaspoon in a day, please consult a registered healthcare practitioner first. As mucuna has been shown to lower blood sugar, it should be avoided by diabetics. It is also not recommended for pregnant women as it may act as a uterine stimulant.

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