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About Cola FairTrade

Ubuntu Cola was the first cola in the UK to get the Fairtrade Mark (back in 2007) and it fizzes with Fairtrade sugar from the Kasinthula Cooperative in Malawi and from the Kaleya Cooperative in Zambia. This means that every time you drink an Ubuntu Cola you are directly taking part in the Fairtrade movement - contributing to long term development and real opportunities for African communities.

After exploring numerous different recipes, Ubuntu has perfected this one: a classic cola with an extra edge to it, with personality, and with a great flavour which it owes to farming cooperative in Southern Malawi's Shire Valley known as the Kasinthula Cane Growers Limited, which helps hundreds of local farmers to make a living.


Cola FairTrade ingredients: Carbonated water, Fairtrade sugar, Colour: sulphite ammonia caramel, acidifier, phosphoric acid. Flavour: caffeine, sodium benzoate, natural flavours

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