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Alma Win Heavy Duty Laundry Washing Powder Concentrate Vegan 5kg

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About Heavy Duty Laundry Washing Powder Concentrate Vegan

Suitable for whites and colour fast laundry at temperatures of 30 -95°C.

Add AlmaWin Heavy-Duty Washing Powder Concentrate directly into the washing machine drum.

Naturally effective giving outstanding washing results, suitable for all degrees of water hardness, no optical brighteners, natural and gentle bleaching agents resulting in a cleaner wash at lower temperatures.

No unnecessary bulking and preserving agents, excellent water softening properties, it fragrances laundry with natural essential oils of organic quality and is successfully dermatologically tested. Suitable for vegans, not tested on animals.


Heavy Duty Laundry Washing Powder Concentrate Vegan ingredients:

Saccharoidal surfactant, Fatty alcohol sulphate, Vegetable soap, Phyllosilicates, Soda, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium percarbonate, Poly aspartic acid, Rice starch, Citric acid, Natural proteases, TAED, Lavender essential oil **Certified Organic.

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