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Raw Living Raw Magic Book each

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About Raw Magic Book

Raw Magic provides recipes that include many raw superfoods.

The book includes a guide to all the major superfoods, and some less commonly known ones - goji berries, cacao, maca, bee pollen, algae, sea vegetables, coconut, hemp, wheatgrass and more. This section contains in-depth nutritional information as well as an easy to grasp overview of the main characteristics of each food.

"Since meeting Kate Magic I have discovered a wealth of exciting new foods and inventive ways to prepare them. Kate's recipes are easy to follow and they tantalise the perfect advocate for the living foods diet as she quite literally glows and you will say "give me some of what's she's on!" Whether you become a 100% raw advocate or simply add some of these dishes to your diet you will quickly feel the benefits." Boy George

"Kate Magic is a true force of nature. She brings a positive change to all those around her, whether it is by sharing her delicious cakes, making strange and amazing teas, or by sharing her knowledge in a book. Kate has been an inspiration to us for years and is showing no signs of slowing down..." Jonsi and Alex, Sigur Ros

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Simon Jackson A very interesting book with lots of fasinating details about how to improve your diet. I love reading it even if i am not always very good at practcing it1