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Real Vitality Superfoods Organic Cocoa Butter

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About Organic Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is the edible fat derived from the cacao bean. Solid at room temperature and white to pale yellow in colour, cocoa butter has a slight chocolate taste and aroma. To obtain cocoa butter, cacao beans are ground, then either pressed or warmed to separate the fat from the cocoa solids. Cocoa Butter has a number of uses. It is very popular as a moisturiser, particularly for use after a shower or bath, with a lovely scent. It is also a useful food being suitable as a replacement for oils as well as being essential in chocolate and other cocoa related dishes.

About 36% of the fat in the cocoa bean is "good fat" - either mono- or polyunsaturated fat, of which, oleic acid (the fatty acid also abundant in olive oil) makes up the largest proportion. Of the saturated fat content in cocoa butter, over half comes from stearic acid. Stearic acid has been shown in numerous studies to have a neutral impact on blood cholesterol. The main reason may be that stearic acid converts from a saturated fat to an unsaturated fat when metabolised in the body. Studies have been conducted where participants fed chocolate daily for two weeks showed no change in blood cholesterol when total calories in the diet were kept the same.

A note from our supplier: On arrival at the collection centre, the beans are dehydrated as a less nutritionally destructive alternative to roasting, and then winnowed to separate the beans from the husks. The lower temperatures also ensure that little of the cocoa butter in the nib is transferred to the shell, therefore improving the final butter yield. The cocoa nibs are milled until the fat is released and is liquefied by the frictional heat, resulting in a fluid brown mass called cocoa liquor. The hot cocoa liquor is pumped into powerful hydraulic presses that physically squeeze out the fat and form the final cocoa butter product. Typically, 100g of beans produce 40g of fat. [11] Due to the extremely stable


Organic Cocoa Butter ingredients:

Cocoa Butter. Copuntry of origin: Peru.

Nutritional Information - Typical Values per 100g - Energy 894 kcal 3677 KJ, Protein 0.3g, Fat 99.1g of which saturates 63.7g, of which mono-saturates 32.6g, of which poly-unsaturates 2.8g, Carbohydrate 0.3g of which sugars 0.3g, Fibre <0.1g, Sodium 0.006g.

Read about Real Foods allergen labelling here.

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Why not try one of our healthy recipes using this product

Oaty biscuits

Summary: Tasty and nutritious.

Dairy Free Egg Free Nut Free Vegan Vegetarian

Homemade Basic Vegan Raw Chocolate Recipe

Summary: Cocoa Butter + Cocoa Powder = 100% Cacao CHOCOLATE Add sweetener if you like your chocolate sweet.

Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free Grain Free Nut Free Raw Food Vegan Vegetarian Wheat Free

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Real Vitality Superfoods

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Customer reviews

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Caroline Hassam I have suffered with intense itching on my hands and arms for almost 2 years - and have tried various natural moisturisers.  Your organic cocoa butter has completely cleared up my sores and itching!  I absolutely love it!  The magic of nature.  Thank you so much.
Jennifer Harrison Thank you Real Foods for selling raw organic cacao butter in bulk! The price is great. One can buy as much or as little as one wants. I use it to make my own chocolates, all kinds of raw sweets, even in raw savoury sauces and more ... I am sure it would be great for cooking and baking too. But it doesn't stop in the kitchen, I also use it in the bathroom. You know how store bought creams that say with cocoa butter and when you look at the ingredients there is only 3 per cent of it? Try making your own creams instead, or even using pure cocoa butter to moisturise really dry skin or hair.
I also make bath cocoa butter bath melts: gently melt your cocoa butter, when cool, add essential oils of your choice, rose petals, cosmetic glitter, ...Pour into silicone moulds...Pop into the fridge until solid...Use to your hearts content...
Jonathan Walton This coconut butter is being sold as a superfood but I find it perfect for keeping my very dry skin moisturised.

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