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Tropical Wholefoods Apricot Kernels Chilli Roast FairTrade 50g

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About Apricot Kernels Chilli Roast FairTrade

These chilli roasted kernels are a highly nutritious and tasty snack, with a flavour similar to almonds.

Farmers semi dry the stones of the apricots, which are then cracked to remove and further dry the kernel. Tropical Wholefoods are Fairtrade importers of tropical dried fruits and nuts.

In 1997 Tropical Wholefoods began work with The Agah Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) Dried Fruit Project (DFP). The AKRSP is a charitable foundation which works to improve the livelihood of people living in the higher areas of the Karakorum Mountains in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

The pure highland environment of the Karakorum Mountains, where fruit is grown at between 4,500 - 9,500 feet during long summer days, fed by glacial meltwater, creates fruits with extraordinarily beautiful taste and flavour. The Hunza apricot is known the world over for its bright and tangy flavour, which is rich and full of complexity.

The farmers of the Northern Areas of Pakistan produce a variety of fruits: apricots, apples, cherries, mulberries, peaches, nuts including almonds, walnuts and pine nuts. Due to seasonal gluts in production most of this output is wasted as it rots before it can be consumed or marketed. Communities are extremely poor, living in some of the harshest environmental conditions known to man, with summer temperatures exceeding 40 ° Celsius, winter temperatures below -10 ° . Farming in these extremely arid conditions is made possible only with forced irrigation.

The AKRSP Dry Fruit Project, now known as Mountain Fruits (pvt) limited trains farmers in processing fresh fruit into valuable dried commodities that Tropical Wholefoods and other importers can sell. The methods used create a product of an international marketable standard, with greatly improved stability and food-safety compared with traditional drying techniques.

Mountain Fruits also tra


Apricot Kernels Chilli Roast FairTrade ingredients: Apricot Kernels 92.5%, Tamari Soy Sauce (soya, salt, koji) 6.4%, Chilli 0.7%, Cayenne 0.4%.

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