Suma Organic Mytholm Mist Wheat Beer Vegan, 500ml

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Organic Mytholm Mist Wheat Beer Vegan, ingredients: Variety of beer: Pale ale Region/Country: West Yorkshire UK 12x500ml - 4.5%

About Organic Mytholm Mist Wheat Beer Vegan,

A white hazy beer with aromas of coriander and lemon. Mytholm Mist is a refreshing drink with a fresh, classic finish using hops originating from Hallertau an area of Bavaria between Munich and Nuernberg. An ideal thirst quenching summer beer.

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Not my cup of tea,but it was not the worst tasting beer/lager I have ever tried.I would not buy it again.I like that it is a healthier drink but the taste wasn't for me.

By ROBERT BEAKES on 27/02/2013

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