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Rio Amazon GoGo Guarana Buzz Chewing Gum no added sugar 10pack

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About GoGo Guarana Buzz Chewing Gum no added sugar

GoGo Guaraná Buzz Gum has been developed as a way to deliver the benefits of the herb to anyone on the move. GoGo Guaraná Buzz Gum is particularly suitable for drivers - as studies have shown that both peppermint oil (which is included in GoGo Guaraná Buzz Gum) and the act of chewing itself can also help keep drivers feel more alert on the roads. The other key advantage from using GoGo Guaraná Buzz Gum is that you don't get the 'peaks' and 'troughs' in energy levels associated with large caffeine use (i.e. from coffee/tea etc).


GoGo Guarana Buzz Chewing Gum no added sugar ingredients: Sweeteners (xylitol 28%, sorbitol, maltitol) gum base, Guarana extract 5:1 (100mg per piece), flavours (peppermint, menthol), thickener (gum arabic), humectant (glycerin), emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), colour (titanium dioxide), natural glazing agent (carnauba wax).

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