Shinzo Japanese Premium Sencha Green Tea Leaves 50g

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Japanese Premium Sencha Green Tea Leaves ingredients: Sencha Green Tea

About Japanese Premium Sencha Green Tea Leaves

Shinzo Sencha have turned green tea drinking into a real experience! The fresh green buds are harvested in South Japan using the prized first flush leaves and then respectfully steamed to produces a unique taste that is quite magical. The tea is fragrant, mellow and unlike any other tea you have ever experienced.

A premium Sencha from the South of Japan. Lovingly grown amongst the misty hills of Kagoshima and made using only the most prized first flush leaves which are carefully steamed to produce this delicate and fresh Sencha.

The leaves are of a such a high quality that they can actually be eaten after brewing. We would always recommend you brew your tea at least twice as is common practice in Japan. However after brewing, the leaves become tender enough to eat. Try adding them to a salad or maybe enjoyed on their own with a dash of ponzu.

When growing this tea pests are kept at bay using a revolutionary artificial 'typhoon' which means the tea is kind to the environment as well as your palette.

We supply our green tea as a loose leaf. Only by allowing the leaves to freely expand in water can the subtle flavours of green tea truly be enjoyed. We also think that making your tea should be an enjoyable experience. Try taking a minute out of your busy day to brew some green tea, consider it a mini break from your hectic day.

Colour: Green

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