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About Chestnut Flour

The chestnuts are sourced directly from a small hill farmer, who gathers them from the hills in the Ardeche. Sourced from France or Italy it is only available seasonally and is perfect for autumn and winter baking. Delicious in bread, it produces quite a dense crumb which allows it to be sliced very thinly like Melba toast which, when well-toasted and served with a melted Vacherin baked in its box, or served with a fondue is absolutely stunning. It can also be used in a sourdough starter, pancakes, sponge cakes and dumplings. Please note: This flour is made purely from chestnuts and will not, on its own, make a loaf, for which it needs to be mixed with a good bread flour. This flour is naturally Gluten-Free but may have cross contamination.


Chestnut Flour ingredients: 100% chestnut flour.

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Rustic Chestnut Bread Recipe

Summary: A special bread to celebrate the autumn and the coming Christmas holidays.

Dairy Free Egg Free No added sugar Nut Free Vegan Vegetarian

Healthy Spelt Sweet And Nutty Flavoured Chestnut Pancakes Recipe

Summary: These pancakes have a lovely sweet and nutty flavour, thanks to the chestnut flour. You can use half chestnut half spelt, like I do, or half rye flour, half chestnut flour. For gluten-free pancakes, use all chestnut or half chestnut and half gluten-free flour mix. Delicious on their own, or filled with chestnut puree for extra chestnut sweetness.


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