Grumpy Mule Ground Coffee Colombia 227g

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About Ground Coffee Colombia

Roasted a little darker, this is a fantastically flavoursome coffee with notes of dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. The medium acidity and body grant the coffee a delightfully smooth flavour and lingering finish.

Great for all-day drinking and suitable for a range of coffee making equipment.

Enjoying the breath-taking backdrop of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, the shade grown, organic and Fairtrade certified coffee is carefully cultivated on small plots of land using traditional practices. Washed in the abundant mountain waters, the coffee parchment is then sun-dried in wooden boxes or typical patios before delivery to the local cooperative.

Fairtrade certification for these producer cooperatives enables the small-scale farmer members to receive a fair and sustainable price for their coffee. In addition, the Fairtrade premium obtained can be invested in social, environment and economic projects such as improving infrastructure, education and healthcare for the local community.

Ground Coffee Colombia country of origin: Colombia


Ground Coffee Colombia ingredients: Colombian Ground Coffee

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