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Qi Teas Green Tea Leaves Gunpowder Pearl FairTrade 100g

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About Green Tea Leaves Gunpowder Pearl FairTrade

Herbal Health is particularly proud of this tea. The best green loose leaf tea in general distribution. An honest Gunpowder Tea which has none of the binding agents sometimes associated with Gunpowder teas of lesser leaf quality. Small, hand-picked leaves, sourced from the Presidential tea garden are hand rolled into tiny little balls which 'blossom out' into the original full leaf when brewed. The excellence of this tea comes from: the quality of the original tea leaves which are young and fresh, and abundant in healthy antioxidants and flavourful amino acids. And, in the preparation: The preparation of the tea into tiny little balls is an excellent way of retaining the full properties of the leaf.

Stronger in taste than Chun Mee, a very small amount of tea is needed per cup. The high quality of the original small tea leaf means that unlike other Gunpowder teas, Qi Gunpowder has no bitterness.

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