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Janey Lee Grace Imperfectly Natural Woman Book Book

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About Imperfectly Natural Woman Book

Janey Lee Grace, co-presenter of BBC Radio 2's show "Steve Wright in the Afternoon", has gathered together a fantastic collection of alternative ways of making yourself beautiful, keeping your home clean and ensuring you stay healthy in the process. She claims to be no expert but, in spite of this, is fast becoming known as Radio 2's Holistic Ambassador. As a mother of three young boys, a wife, a broadcaster, a singer and a writer, Janey doesn't have time to waste on unrealistic objectives so she has taken the best of what's on offer holistically and incorporated it into her life. She is no eco-warrior and insists that she is an imperfect woman who is always looking at different ways of doing things to enhance the life of her family. Written in a friendly style, Janey relates to the reader her experience of different kinds of complementary health, beauty products and ways of avoiding the use of chemicals and other harmful substances. "Imperfectly Natural Woman" is packed with useful resources. Throughout the book, Janey takes you by the hand and gently leads you into a different way of living; a way designed to make you healthier, happier and in the process, almost as a by-product, to make a contribution to the preservation of the planet.

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