Lifestream Organic Wheatgrass Leaf 500mg Powder Vegan, 120capsule

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About Organic Wheatgrass Leaf 500mg Powder Vegan,

Lifestream wheatgrass is a 100% pure certified organic wholesome green food made from the powdered leaves of young wheatgrass plants. Green foods such as wheatgrass are among the richest natural food sources of minerals, enzymes, B group vitamins, antioxidants and chlorophyll.

The high chlorophyll content allows increased red blood cell production and high blood oxygenation. Other health benefits include helping to detoxify the liver and blood improving blood sugar disorders, reducing blood pressure, facilitating better digestion, improving skin conditions and it is helpful in enhancing overall immunity, especially beneficial during the winter months.

Take with water or fruit juice. Adults: 4 capsules daily with food. Children : Age 5-15 years: 2 capsules daily with food>


Organic Wheatgrass Leaf 500mg Powder Vegan, ingredients: Premium CERTIFIED ORGANIC wheatgrass Powder - 100% Pure 81%, Vegetarian capsules (cellulose & water).

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