A Vogel Molkosan Prebiotic Supplement Gluten Free 275g

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Molkosan Prebiotic Supplement Gluten Free ingredients: Maize starch, concentrated whey powder, lactic acid, fructose, orange flavour, green tea extract. Contains lactose Gluten free.

About Molkosan Prebiotic Supplement Gluten Free

Molkosan Vitality is a daily nutritional Prebiotic drink made from fermented whey, high in healthy L(+) lactic acid, antioxidant green tea and is rich in soluble fibre. Enhances digestive functions, e.g. activates the pancreas, having a good knock-on effect on digestive symptoms such as bloating and constipation. Stimulates metabolism, helping with weight loss. Feeds friendly bacteria in the gut and kills unfriendly ones. Increases alkalinity in the tissues. Boosts immune function and is antifungal - Molkosan has been studied at Derby University with Spilanthes for fungal infestations. Prebiotics encourage a healthy digestive tract, supporting your good bacteria. When good bacteria flourish your digestion works well and you feel healthy and vibrant.

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