Provamel Organic Soya Drink Unsweetened 1l

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About Organic Soya Drink Unsweetened

Dairy free alternative to milk. Soya has many nutritional benefits and this wholesome bean has been used for thousands of years. Choosing to include soya as part of a healthier diet is easy with this tasty range of milk and yoghurt alternatives and delicious desserts which naturally contain omega 3 and 6, the good fats which can help to keep your heart healthy. Can help to lower your cholesterol (25g of soya protein per day as part of a diet which is low in saturated fat has been proven to lower your cholesterol levels).


Organic Soya Drink Unsweetened ingredients: Water, Hulled Organic Soya Beans (7.2%).

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Leah Houghton I have just started using this soya milk as an alternative to cows milk when making porrige and I was pleasantly surprised at how acceptable it is