Viridian Mineral Calcium,Magnesium & Zinc Powder 100g

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Mineral Calcium,Magnesium & Zinc Powder ingredients:

Each level teaspoon (3.5g) provides approximately: 400mg (50% EC NRV) Calcium, 300mg (80% EC NRV) Magnesium, 500mg (625% EC NRV) Vitamin C, 10mg (100% EC NRV) Zinc, in a base of Malic acid (973mg)

About Mineral Calcium,Magnesium & Zinc Powder

Calcium is involved in numerous vital functions throughout the body, including; bone building, protein and fat digestion, energy production, nerve transmission and neuro-muscular activity. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and Vitamin D is required for effective absorption of calcium. Daily exposure to sunshine, regular exercise and a multi-nutrient formula containing vitamin D and other synergistic nutrients is suggested for optimum bone protection.
Usage: As a food supplement, 1tsp daily with water or fruit juice.

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